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What is Summa

Summa is Latin for “total intensity,” and our students are telling us that Summa Central is an intense alternative to what is going on in the name of insurance sales today.

What makes Summa's Online Learning Platform
of high-definition video and top quality teaching
so radically different from what is out there now?

We are limited in our scope...

We make no apology for limiting our focus to insurance agents as we believe that providing on the promise of insurance is an industry that defies traditional sales techniques. Since insurance is a promise-based proposition, we recognize that it cannot be sold using traditional selling systems, mechanics and platforms.

We are different by design...

We have created an online video vault to retrain insurance sales agents in the art of Promiselling. It's a new word, and we've copyrighted it for a reason. Promiselling is getting someone to believe in the word of the one making the promise. This is a good character to deliver on a promise in a way that is honest and full of integrity.

We are practical on purpose...

We teach agents how to build the bridge that delivers the promise in a friendly and provocative way. It is a radical alternative to what's being offered out there today. We say "radical" because we believe that traditional sales systems do not work when offering promise-based products like insurance. This applies to any promise-based business.

We teach salespeople, not just sales...

We believe in teaching people to become better people, not teaching sales to salespeople. We teach the basics of sales connection, building rapport and the fine art of communication using a video platform that is challenging, entertaining and educational.

We model integrity, not just technique...

We believe it is time to take back the integrity the insurance industry was founded upon. We believe that much of our integrity has been lost through a pattern of sales training that leaves sellers with options of selling on price, product, and personality. Welcome to promise!

We provide quality, not just quantity...

We don't brag about how many two-minute videos we provide. Rather, we provide a balanced curriculum consisting of over sixty-six, eleven-minute HD videos, beautiful and colorful manuals, and additional reinforcement tools. We provide quality in our twelve hours.

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buddies recommending me

"Summa has been an incredible tool for agency growth this year. As important as agency growth is to every agency owner, what has become more important to me is my agent growth. My agents have seen incredible close-rate improvements this year. The manuals and other learning materials made the videos more real. Thank you Summa Central.
Jordan Hickman, Allstate Ins
"Hands down the best sales training you will find in the marketplace today. My recommendation is that to grow your agency, you must aggressively invest in your people. Ask Summa about the thermostat vs. thermometer challenge as well as the "Toxic Tone" series. These messages alone are worth the price of Summa."
Ron Turner, Farmers Ins

Summa Central Curriculum – Year One

Unit One:
Where Do We Start?
Episode #1 - Welcome to the Show
Episode #2 - Think Outside the Box
Episode #3 - The Survey Says
Episode #4 - Close the First Time
Episode #5 - Baby Mac, Part A
Episode #6 - Baby Mac, Part B
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Unit Two:
What Are We Selling?
Episode #1 - You're a Natural
Episode #2 - Selling on Price
Episode #3 - Selling on Product
Episode #4 - Selling on Personality
Episode #5 - Selling on Promise: Common Ground
Episode #6 - The New Rules of Sales
Read More
Unit Three:
Selling Without Sleaze
Episode #1 - Connect on Purpose
Episode #2 - The Dollar Driven: Prospect #1
Episode #3 - The Dysfunctional: Prospect #2
Episode #4 - The Disciplined: Prospect #3
Episode #5 - The Dramatic: Prospect #4
Episode #6 - It's a Wrap
Read More
Unit Four:
How to be Authentic
Episode #1 - Happy, Peppy and Bursting with Love
Episode #2 - Thermostat vs. Thermometer
Episode #3 - Embrace Your Imperfection
Episode #4 - Assumption vs. Presumption
Episode #5 - Duct Tape Diaries
Episode #6 - To Close, or Not to Close
Read More
Unit Five:
How to Fix a Toxic Tone
Episode #1 - Words Alone Don't Set Tone
Episode #2 - Spark it up, by Phone, Part A
Episode #3 - Spark it up, in Person, Part B
Episode #4 - Let me Give That Some Thought, Excuse #1
Episode #5 - The Ball is in Your Court,
Excuse #2
Episode #6 - I can Get it Cheaper Somewhere Else, Excuse #3
Read More
Unit Six:
Better Than a Pinky Promise
Episode #1 -Theology of Trust
Episode #2 - Explanations vs. Promises
Episode #3 - Practice Makes Permanent
Episode #4 - Light-Bulb Moments
Episode #5 - Building Trust, But How?
Episode #6 - Three Cycles of a Sales Life
Episode #7 - Multiplication vs. Addition
Episode #8 - Fries with That?
Episode #9 - A Testimony of Trust
Read More
Unit Seven:
Feed the Beast
Episode #1 - Welcome to the Jungle
Episode #2 - Tellers vs. Sellers
Episode #3 - Thou Shalt Not, Part A
Episode #4 -Thou Shalt Not, Part B
Episode #5 - Rubber Chicken, Part A
Episode #6 - Rubber Chicken, Part B
Read More
Unit Eight:
Words are Not Enough
Episode #1 - Listening and Speaking, Part A
Episode #2 - Listening and Speaking, Part B
Episode #3 - Critical Mass
Episode #4 - Lessons from a Vocal Coach, Part A
Episode #5 - Lessons from a Vocal Coach, Part B
Episode #6 - Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Read More
Unit Nine:
Nuts and Bolts
Episode #1 - Five Sales Habits, Part A
Episode #2 - Five Sales Habits, Part B
Episode #3 - A Voicemail Fail
Episode #4 - The Art of the Quote
Episode #5 - Care, Quotes, and Sell?
Episode #6 - Life Lessons, Part A
Episode #7 - Life Lessons, Part B
Read More
Unit Ten:
Quick Hitters
Episode #1 - Blind Squirrels
Episode #2 - The Survey says, Part B
Episode #3 - Email Rules
Episode #4 - 212 Cold Calling Rules, Part A
Episode #5 - 212 Cold Calling Rules, Part B
Episode #6 - Reverse Engineering the Paycheck,
(Heather) Part A
Episode #7 - Reverse Engineering Lead Generation,
(Heather) Part B
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