Please, enjoy these free sessions as an example of training...

We deliver a transformation experience comprised of education, encouragement, and inspiration. 

Inspired Summa students, who are willing to make the changes necessary to grow, will receive their education and training with more enthusiasm and intensity.

Our training is designed to match the mood of sellers so our coaching behaviors model proper tone and technique.  Watch the following examples of real-classroom teaching from our video vault.    

Summa compilation Sample #1

SUMMA compilation sample #2

summa compilation sample #3

Insurance is a promise! You cannot sell a promise. You can make one, break one, or keep one, but you cannot sell one. This is the core of our Promiselling theology of sales.

Frequently asked questions

Lots of things.  To begin with, Summa isn’t really a traditional sales organization.  We like to think of ourselves as the non-sales team of people who make and keep promises.  We are specific to insurance sales only, and our belief is that we shouldn’t be selling insurance policies – we should be providing them!  

No tricks here!  Selling on Price, Product and Personality are great ways to sell commodity-based products.  But, when selling promise-based products, like insurance, we are really benefited by focusing on only selling methods that match what we are providing.

Same question I might ask.  However, perhaps the better question is, “how much will it cost me to not partner with Summa for this new sales training?”  We are here to help your staff accomplish double or triple close rates in the challenging industry of insurance sales.  

At tremendous expense, like most of the top 100 coaching organizations, we have partnered with Lightspeed VT to present a stunning, easy to navigate, and user friendly platform of education.  You will not believe how personal your experience will be when you access our material through our website portal.  It’s all yours at a fair price.  

We would love to tell you that we found the way to Promiselling, but in reality, Promiselling found us.  We were selling a promise like it was a product and our customers saw through us.  We found a better way, focusing mostly on the promise, and our close rates doubled and tripled.  Success found us!  

In our first year, we developed sixty-six, eleven minute videos of encouragement, education and inspiration.  The 500-page colorful guide, tests, quizzes, fun learning reinforcement make for a balanced program of study.  We will come out with some additional study material to supplement year one material.  But, expect amazing things in year two!  We will match out year-one levels of curriculum and deliver more for other areas of agency development including a service module, more objection handling training, and more generally more inspiration.  Our students tell us that the daily encouragement they receive from Summa is what makes us so different.  We will kick this component of our education up a few notches for next year.  Thank you for your trust in us!    

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